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Dear Dr. Agarwal,

Its actually a real pleasure being your patient. The way you consult and interact with us and then the way you provide treatment is just marvelous. Hats Off to your treatment methodology.Always your fan.

" Bobby Jackman (UK) "


Dear sir,

I like your clinic, its always so neat and clean. The staff is also helpful and caring. All equipments are very very sterilized. The Dr. himself is so caring person & helpful. Services looks like the best I have seen till date. Thank you for your support and excellent service. Always your fan.

" Jagruti Patel (USA) "


Dear Dr. Agarwal,

1. Ambient Environment-Relaxing.

2. Good Service.

3. High standards of hygiene.

4. Cleanliness Standards - Very Good.

5. Hospitable; Friendly

" Bobby Jackman (UK) "


Dear sir,

I'm really thankful for the great service you provide to the patients, careful and most importantly homely. The clinic is very neat and very clean. I wish you all the success in life and will hopefully see you soon.

" Sunpreet Singh (UK) "


Respected Drs. Mr. & Mrs. Agarwal,

Though I cannot express my gratitude to you. I am still trying my best to say 'Thank You' for all the kindness, skill, efficiency and co-operation you have taken for my treatment. You have been very caring, careful and considerate during your practice.

I am really very happy that we have such wonderful doctors with us whose greatness is experienced beyond words. You do make us (Indians) feel proud. Hats Off To You! and Thank You once again and always.

May the Almighty grant you success at every step (you really deserve it).

Patiently yours,

" Mr. and Mrs. Harpal "


Dear Dr. Agarwal & Family,

This is my great pleasure to do my treatment with you. I really appreciate your patience, friendly nature and best skill on operative side. I will always look forward to see you for any of my dental problems. Once again thank you very much for everything you did. Thanks again, thanks a lot.

" Nirmay "


Dr. Arvind Agarwal
Oral Maxilofacial surgeon

15 Years of practice

- Professor and Head of the Department (Nootan Dental College & Hospital, Visnagar)




Dr. Shalini Agarwal

15 Years of practice

- Professor , Department of Periodontics , Faculty of Dental Science, DDIT Nadiad.

- Member of IDA, ISP, DPS, Periodontal Study Group





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